University Partnerships
A successful union of theory and practice

Here at HELLA, we can look back over more than ten years of successful partnerships with universities and colleges in the region and throughout the country. We maintain our own internal system of college rankings and have actively stayed in close touch with the academic world for many years. One relationship that deserves special mention is our partnership with the newly founded Hamm-Lippstadt Polytechnic, under which we began offering “dual-track” study positions (in which students gain professional experience while working toward a degree) at HELLA for the university’s students in the 2009/2010 winter semester. We started out with 16 students of mechatronics, and as of the 2010/2011 winter semester, we are supporting another 14 mechatronics students and five students of business engineering, all of them within dual-track study programs. The students have brought added vibrancy and diversity to the world of HELLA as a whole; the student campus is currently housed in the former HELLA research building, and the students join the rest of the staff in having lunch at our company cafeteria.

Besides dual-track study positions, which are also available to students of South Westphalia Polytechnic, HELLA also invests a great deal of time and energy in outreach activities. College recruitment events are one very important way we recruit new talent. Our HR Marketing Team attended more than 25 events in person during the last fiscal year. Raising awareness of HELLA and what we do at these events is certainly good for our corporate image, but it is also especially useful when it comes to advertising and filling open internship positions and vacancies for students working on a dissertation or thesis, or recruiting direct entry-level candidates. Candidates can submit their applications right there at our booth during the fair and talk to representatives from specific departments at HELLA about their subjects and professional fields.

Field trips and excursions are another feature of our partnerships. Working in consultation with the professors at our target universities, we put together an individual program that includes specialized lectures and presentations with a heavy emphasis on real-world application, along with guided tours that help students explore the successful union of theory and practice. Another proven model is a lecture event we have been offering for the past six years in cooperation with the Steinfurt and Wilhelmshaven Polytechnics. During the event, HELLA hosts a full day of lectures where experts teach students about current products. The content of the lectures has a direct bearing on the students’ examinations, which, of course, means that students pay very close attention to learning and retaining this information.

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Birgit Zander
Head of Personnel Marketing


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