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In the commercial vehicle segment, we supply products for both series production and vehicle-specific new developments. Customers in this segment benefit from our in-depth technical expertise and experience in large-scale automotive manufacturing applications. Depending on the task at hand, customers can choose between halogen, xenon, and LED technology for the lighting system, and can also select from a wide range of electrical and electronic products. One feature that all our products share is their outstanding quality and performance, optimized for the specific professional requirements of commercial vehicle applications – they are extremely sturdy and vibration-resistant and temperature-resistant. All of which means durability and profitability are built right in.

When you work with HELLA, you can count on full-spectrum support at every stage of the project. Together with our technical expertise, our individualized support for each and every one of our customers has made us the market leader in Europe in equipping police cars with optical/acoustic warning systems. We are also a leader in LED technology and offer LED products for a wide range of different applications.



Lighting and electronics systems, either from our wide range of standard products or customized just for your needs. Safety and on-time production is your business – supplying reliable products is ours.



Lighting and cabling systems for optimum light yield and durability. Time and cost efficiency thanks to fast, simple assembly.


Heavy-duty machinery

Perfect lighting equipment for outstanding performance even under tough field conditions: sturdy, vibration-resistant, and durable, with rapid return on investment our products deliver what you are looking for.


Emergency Vehicles

There’s no compromising when it comes to safety – especially when equipping emergency vehicles. Click here for more information on our system solutions for various vehicle applications.


Municipal And Special Bodies

Top quality for reliability and maximum service life, effective warnings for other drivers and operator safety on the road, modular design and product variety.


City Buses And Coaches

A whole range of different lighting options lets designers be creative when selecting materials, lighting types, and colors. Our modular headlamp concept lets customers express their individual style.

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